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South Carolina native Jordan Gray played in his first band at 15 and has played many different styles of music. Now, as he just released his self-titled EP, Jordan is leaning on the many artists and styles of music that have influenced him over the years. “I grew up in the mixtape era, so I was influenced by anything from rap to rock to country to the hymns we were singing in church,” says Jordan. “As I have gotten older, I’ve gained more respect for songwriting. My songwriting influences are quite diverse and include the Eagles, Travis Tritt, Eric Church, and Lil Baby, to name a few.”

Jordan Gray is a collection of five songs, all co-written by Gray and produced by Danny Majic. The self-titled EP is the first new project from Gray since the release of West of the Pines in 2015.

Growing up in Oates, a small town just outside of Lamar, Jordan did not always see a future in music until he decided to take a shot at his passion in 2015. He then released his first EP, West of the Pines. Jordan wrote, produced, engineered, and played every instrument on each track of
the EP. The release of the EP helped him build a following on streaming and social media platforms. Following the success of the song “Stay the Night,” amassing over 10 Million streams, he decided to follow his passion and move to Nashville. “Once I decided to pursue music as a career, I realized it’s either do this or live on the streets,” says Gray. “I’m going to be
doing music my whole life, no matter what.”

Upon arriving in town, he immersed himself in the Nashville songwriting community. Since joining Sea Gayle Music in 2021, Jordan has honed his writing skills and achieved success with several artists. Walker Hayes, Jon Langston, Lily Rose, and Jordan Fletcher have all recorded
his songs. Hayes’ “Drinkin” and “Drinkin Songs” Langston’s “Give You My All” and “Ain No Cowboy”; Rose’s “Someone New In Town” and “In My Drinks” and Fletcher’s “99 F150” all showcase Jordan’s talent as a songwriter.